Thank Yous

Dear Barbara and the Project Linus team,

    On behalf of the families and staff of Family Supportive Housing, we extend our gratitude for your no sew blanket donation delivery on January 11th.

     Our mission here at Family Supportive Housing is to guide families from homelessness into self-sufficiency. We want to thank all the members of our community who have helped us make this goal possible.

    You make a difference!

Jessamine Loera

Volunteer Coordinator

Family Supportive Housing 

To Barbara R and the Project Linus San Jose, CA Chapter:

     On July 4, 2020 my daughter, Dara, and I flew from Hilo, Hawaii so that she could be examined at the Lucille Packard Children’s Medical Center at Stanford for her epilepsy.   It was a trying time as she was taken off her medication so that she could be monitored for seizures to see if she is a good candidate for surgery.  The testing took longer than planned and was physically and emotionally draining for Dara.   When we were released on July 21 we were allowed to stay at the Ronal McDonald House at Stanford to recover and receive outpatient treatment.  We stayed there until July 21, 2020.  Upon arrival at the RMH Dara was given a welcome RMH bag that included a Project Linus blanket.    That was a pleasant surprise for Dara.  Dara was able to use the blanket at the RMH, on or flight home and it remains in our living room in our home in Hilo.   We are grateful for the blanket but more importantly the kind gesture and show of love and aloha for Dara and all of the keiki (children) that you touch. 

Darien Nagata (mother of Dara)

     On Friday September 6th, my son was involved in an accident and broke both of his arms, got a concussion and a broken tooth. He was seen at Kaiser Santa Clara and was admitted for emergency surgery to have his arms surgically repaired. When we arrived on the pediatric unit, we were both scared, cold and tired. The charge nurse brought over one of your blankets made by Megan Rose H and wrapped it around my son. The blanket followed him to surgery the next morning and kept me warm while I waited for his surgery to end. It has accompanied him on every follow appointment and during his cast application. I just wanted to thank you for giving us some comfort during such a stressful time. We will always keep it close.

Janine B.

Thank you from Unity Care



   My name is Kelley Nora.  My Social Worker Porshia Butler picked up baby blankets made by Linda Lemos Myles and Barbara R. for my son Eli from your Chapter. 

I wanted to thank you so very much.

God bless you all

Mrs. Kelley Nora

Dear Project Linus, Thank you! For helping us make a difference in the lives of the patients and families we serve.  Thank you for your generous donation to our hospital. Your donation is greatly appreciated.

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center & O’Connor Hospital Volunteer services

Dear Project Linus and “Someone Who Cares,”

     My name is Nicola B-A and my daughter, Charlize, was admitted to the Pediatric ICU at Santa Clara Kaiser on Wednesday, March 11. After a very long and stressful transfer from Daly City Kaiser, we arrived to our room to find what could not have been the most unexpected and welcoming surprise - a blanket which could have been hand picked for Charlie! She was feeling quite awful, and as soon as she walked in she said, “I love this blanket! It’s my favorite everything!” The nurse very happily let her know it was hers to take and it was made especially for her. This is more than a gift and your blanket made with care and love has helped her heal. She snuggled into it and felt instantly comfortable and at home. I cannot express my gratitude as a parent, and I have made a small donation online, which is nothing compared to what you have given us.  Thank you for healing others with your kindness.
My deepest gratitude,

Nicola B-A

Thank you for the lovely blankets we received for our twins during their stay at the El Camino Mountain View NICU in January this year. It was really a lovely to have something handmade providing them cover from the bright lights. We have continued to use them at home. Many thanks,


     I just want to say thank you to all the volunteers at Project Linus San Jose. My 14 year old daughter recently was admitted to Lucille Packard. She was absolutely touched and comforted to receive a blanket that was on the bed the second she walked in the door. Thank you so much for caring about the community. Project Linus is part of the healing process one goes through in the hospital.

     Thank you Project Linus and thank you to Zoe W. for the thoughtful blanket!

Sara Balli

     My 13-year old son was at Valley Medical Hospital overnight in early April. The blanket from Project Linus gave him great comfort. because it felt like a little taste of home in an otherwise stark hospital room. 

     He is doing fine now, and we have kept the blanket as a reminder of the generosity of all the strangers that helped him after his accident.

     The name on the tag was "Lisa." Please let her know how grateful we are.